Places you Should Never Skip While Cleaning Your Home for a Showing

Between the challenges of selling a house, it is easy to forget to clean and de-clutter certain areas of the home. A potential buyer, however, looks for a spotless and all-around organized home. Here is a list of the most commonly overlooked cleaning places you should focus on before a house showing.

The Garage
A space that is often cluttered with old paint cans, tools, and garbage cans is an eye sore. Especially if there is a family of spiders living there! Be sure to clean up before a scheduled showing.

The Backyard
A nice yard is a huge selling point for most buyers. Don’t let your beautiful yard be degraded by overgrown grass and depressing dead flowers. Rake the leaves, water and mow the lawn, replace flowers, and sweep the patio if you have one. This will help potential buyers picture themselves enjoying the lovely yard.

Not only do you want your bathroom to be clean and sanitized, you should also inspect or repair facets and plumbing if need be. Broken plumbing can be troubling to many buyers as they may think it is a result of the way you cared for your house functions.

You may overlook your shelves and cupboards, but buyers certainly don’t. Be sure these areas are neatly organized. Get rid of unnecessary things such as old containers or cups you don’t use. Lastly, dust the shelves and items on them.

The Laundry Room
Potential buyers find laundry detergent, hangers, and laundry baskets off-putting. Try storing your cleaning supplies elsewhere and removing the hangers and baskets.

The Finishing Touches
Be sure to wipe your windows and mirrors with glass cleaner for a clean finish. Dusting end tables and vacuuming carpets will also certainly increase appeal to potential buyers.
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